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Meet the Winemaker

Wine Tasting with Janire Moraza
Bodegas Moraza, Rioja Alta

Wednesday 29th May

The Moraza family has been dedicated to winemaking in Rioja Alta for over six generations. Committed to sustainable practices, Janire Moraza transitioned their 18 hectares of vineyards to organic farming, promoting biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.

Located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the vineyards benefit from an ideal location at the foot of mountains, with elevations ranging from 450 to 650 meters. The calcareous clay soil is naturally fertile and free from harmful chemicals. 

Built in 1983, the winery utilises concrete tanks and relies on natural processes whenever possible. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts takes place in these tanks, and gravity-bottling ensures minimal intervention.

Bodegas Moraza offers a distinct approach compared to many modern wineries that emphasise oak-aged characteristics. Their focus remains on crafting unique and authentic Riojas in the traditional style. This natural approach results in wines that faithfully express the character of the grapes and the terroir.