Oyster Week

After our last amazing oyster week - they're back! Mark your calendars for Wednesday 13th December!

Oyster Week is back on, and we're excited to see the return of the incredible oysters from Cape Wrath, @capewrathoysters Scotland!

Patrick and Lucy Blow, the founders of Cape Wrath Oysters, started their oyster farm in 2014 in a remote spot called Kyle of Durness on Scotland's northwestern coast.


One of their main goals is sustainability, they wanted to create an eco-friendly farming business in their home country. They chose this site for its good water quality, extremely low risk of pollution, strong currents and excellent water exchange, bringing abundant fresh algae and oxygen to feed the oysters with the tides, bringing distinctive characteristics and sweet, briny flavour.

Patrick and Lucy also work on a small piece of land near Inverness, where they're growing woodlands and increasing biodiversity.

Keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself for their arrival day! Because when they're gone, they're gone!